Happy Wednesday! I trust that everyone is settling into a routine as we are at the halfway mark of week 2 of E-Learning.  If you’re like me, you’ve probably been in more Zoom sessions than you can count!

I know there is still much uncertainty surrounding what will happen after May 1.  At this point, we are all waiting and watching to see what will happen.  In the mean time, I hope you’re all finding a balance between school work, family time, talking with friends, going for a walk, or doing whatever helps you relax!

For our seniors, I know many of your senior events have been canceled or are a question mark at this point.  If you haven’t seen, our new superintendent is committed to doing all he can to ensure there is some type graduation ceremony.  When it is and what it will look like is all dependent on what happens once the May 1 mark comes.  I will certainly keep you all informed as more information becomes available.

I hope that you are all safe and well.

Christian Finch
Assistant Principal of Magnet Curriculum
IB Coordinator
King High School

Teacher Appreciation Week – Monday, April 13 – Friday, April 17
We would like to send our Teachers and Administration messages of Thanks for all their hard work and dedication from the IB Family.

During Teacher Appreciation week, The IB Family would normally donate sweet treats for our Teachers and Administration to enjoy during their lunch.

We would still like to give them sweet treats, but in a visual format 🙂

We are accepting all short notes, pictures, or artwork showing your appreciation and love for all our IB Teachers and Administration. 

They can be for a specific Teacher or to ALL, the message & creativity is up to you!

Send them to communications@kingib.org by Wednesday, April 8th.

Please send your picture or artwork in a .jpg format.

This will be in our April 15th Newsletter.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Greetings King IB Families,

I hope this note finds you and your family safe and healthy.  We are half way through our first week of E-Learning.  We know that there is a learning curve for ALL.  Our teachers are working hard to make sure they continue to provide the level of quality instruction you are accustom to.  Our students are working hard find a new rhythm and routine to what their lives presently look like.  And our the parents….well, you all are learning what it’s like to be a stay at home parent, part time teacher, IT department, cafeteria worker and many other titles that I’m sure were not in your plans.  But as we always do, we adapt and we overcome.  Rest assured that our commitment to your students and their education has not changed!  We are here to serve our students!

As I’m sure you’ve seen, the Governor and Florida Department of Education have stated that we will be out through May 1st.  What does it look like beyond May 1st?  Honestly, we do not know yet.  But again, our teachers are ready to go, no matter the situation.

It is my hope that in these uncertain times you all are capitalizing on the unexpected gift of time with family.  My challenge to all of our students is, what is that one thing in your life that you can improve now that you have time to do it?

Stay safe and stay well,

Christian Finch
Assistant Principal of Magnet Curriculum
IB Coordinator
King High School

Greetings King IB Families,

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide a few updates: 

  • All Senior IB Exams Have been canceled.
  • All Florida State testing has been canceled.
  • We should have more information on Friday, March 27 (from IB) as to how the diploma can be awarded to our Seniors.
  • Grad Bash has been canceled.
  • Relay for Life has been canceled.
  • No decision has been made on the IB Senior Banquet, Prom, or Graduation.
  • No decision has been made about extending the cancellation of school beyond April 15.
  • E-Learning is scheduled to begin on March 30.
  • We are awaiting further direction on semester 2 final exams for 9, 10, and 11 grade students.

Please know that we are working to get as many answers as possible.  In the meantime, it is our goal and commitment to our students to continue providing the high quality education that you expect from the King IB Programme.

Our teachers spent much of their Spring Break preparing to move their curriculum onto a virtual platform.  This week (March 23-27) is being treated as a “pre-planning for E-learning”.  Many teachers have reached out via Edsby or other platforms to communicate with students.  They are checking in on their students and sharing their expectations for this temporary way of learning.

As educators, we know that a consistent routine is critical to our students success. If you haven’t already done so, please ensure you have created a quiet and functional space in the home where your student can do their school work.  Help them by establishing a schedule/routine each day.

Please know that we miss the students being on campus!  We know this is not ideal, but it is what is necessary.  The safety and health of everyone is what is most important.  We encourage you to stay vigilant. Following the recommendations.  It is our hope that we can safely and quickly work through this so that we may get back to school as we know it.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.  We may not have all the answers right now, but we are working on getting them. Together, we will get through this!

Until we see you again,

Christian Finch
Assistant Principal of Magnet Curriculum
IB Coordinator
King High School

Greetings IB Families!

We have created Grade Level Reminds for KHS IB Students. Remind is an app that will allow us to communicate various information to students and parents throughout the year. Our Seniors are already using the app to receive updates and we thought it would be helpful for other grade levels as well. Parents are also encouraged to join their child’s grade level remind to receive updates from Mrs. Barnes and Mr. Finch. Join by using the Remind App or texting the following code to 81010.

i.e. Text @KHSIB20 to 81010 (Current Seniors)
Current 11th graders (Juniors) – Text @KHSIB2021 to 81010
Current 10th graders (Sophomores) – Text @KHSIB2022 to 81010
Current 9th graders (Freshmen) – Text @KHSIB2023 to 81010

CAS Update
CAS UPDATE… At this time, we ask that you DO NOT attempt to complete any NEW CAS Experiences due to COVID-19 safety concerns.
However, we are asking you to ensure the following are competed by 3/27 for previously approved hours
1. Reflections
2. Supervisor reports

Senior HR teachers will work to update CAS this/next week, so that we have an accurate picture of where each of you stand with your hours. We will look at individual hours again once teachers have had an opportunity to review hours to determine next steps on a case-by-case basis. I will check Edsby and emailconsistently throughout the day. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you need anything.

DO NOT attempt to complete any NEW CAS Experiences
 due to COVID-19 safety concerns.

  •  Continue to update previously approved CAS Experiences.
         o   Complete meaningful Reflections
         o   Ensure supervisors reports are completed – reach out to supervisors, send to completion form if necessary and upload it to artifacts section in Managebac.
  • Communicate with your HR teacher with questions / concerns.

Due to COVID-19, I will be out of the office until further notice. I will be most accessible by email and Edsby, however, I have created a Google Voice number (813-563-3685) should a phone conference be necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact me using any of the above mentioned platforms.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate these unfamiliar times and look forward to getting through this together.

Mrs. Barnes, NCC

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