Farewell Mrs. Hoit

You may have heard by now that Mrs. Rosanna Hoit, the IB Guidance Counselor, former IB parent and one of the original members of the King IB Connection, is retiring. We cannot thank her enough for the contributions she has made to the IB Programme at KHS, and her efforts on behalf of our children and the entire KHS community. Ms. Hoit was a tremendous resource for us all, and we will certainly miss her guidance. We wish her all the best in her well-earned retirement. The IB Connection Board will be presenting her with a gift basket on behalf of all of the IBC members.


Here is a personal note from Mrs. Hoit:

Dear King IB Families,

I intensely value the IB Programme here at King, as I depart with heavy heart. This has been one of the most gratifying experiences I have had in school counseling because to me, this is what education should look like. It is not your new shiny school, but what goes on inside that far outweighs the facade, revealing what learning is all about – from the stellar and challenging curriculum to the real world experiences via academics, clubs, sports, and relationships with diverse and interesting peers.The students are the absolute best in every aspect and I feel as though they are my own. I am very proud that the little parent group, who had its beginnings when I was an IB parent, has grown into a model of real parent partnership, which thrives on the loyalty and commitment of the IB parents. Thank you for all you have done for me along the way and may you keep the torch burning brightly for future IB parents and students.You will all remain very dear and special to me for years to come.


Rosanna P.Hoit,

International Baccalaureate Guidance Counselor

C. Leon King High School