Hillsborough County’s International Baccalaureate Schools Receive Top Graduation Honors

Hillsborough County Public Schools received news that the four IB high schools have received huge honors when it comes to IB Diploma Rates!

Congratulations to King High School which had a 95% IB Diploma Rate with six of the last seven years above 95%.

Congratulations also to Hillsborough High School which had a 96% IB Diploma Rate – that is a 14% jump over last year and one of the highest diploma rates in the school’s history.

Congratulations to Robinson High School which had a 96% IB Diploma Rate. That makes seven consecutive years of the rate being 90% or higher… and five of the last six years have been above 95%.

Congratulations to Strawberry Crest High School which had a 99% IB Diploma Rate. Strawberry Crest has been at 98% or higher since 2016.

This is one of the most successful years Hillsborough County Public Schools has ever had.

These diploma rates are representative of the hard work of the students, the teachers and the administrators at each school more than ever before, especially since there were no IB exams for students to take.

In a typical year, these results are beyond exceptional. But considering the challenges of this past school year, these results shine even brighter. Our IB coordinators, principal and educators at each site did some remarkable work this past school year.

Congratulations to everyone involved.