IB and AP Compared

National Standard of Excellence Policies are determined by national educatorsInternational Standard of Excellence Policies are determined by internal educators
College Level CoursesComprehensive curriculum of college level work
Students generally take AP exams in
areas of strength
Students must prepare in all areas: strengths as well as weaknesses.
Six exams in six subjects are required for the IB Diploma
Students do not have to be enrolled in an authorized schoolStudents must be enrolled in an authorized IB School
Exams are graded externally through ETS and student marks assignedScores include teacher assessments as well as external assessments constructed and graded by educators from throughout the world
Exams based on specific content of coursesExams based on broad general understanding of concepts and fundamental themes. Exam questions emphasize essay writing
Oral exam in foreign languageOral assessments in Languages A and B and other disciplines
All teachers are specially trainedAll teachers are specially trained
College credit possibleCollege credit possible

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